Donna Kukama
We the Not-Not People !

Donna Kukama will be artist-in-residence at Maitland Institute from mid August to mid September. During her occupation of the space, Kukama will present a project titled We the Not-Not People!, a multimedia and interdisciplinary “history book cover” that follows, interjects and revisits moments from an ongoing body of work begun in 2015.

Proposed as a History Book that is not limited to the physical form of bound paper with written text, the body of work has taken the form of performances, text, objects, memories, drawing, installation, and soundings specifically related to monuments/memorials/commemorations for those who absolutely need to be remembered. The book was originally conceived as a tool for questioning and rethinking memorials, monuments, and national commemorations within the South African landscape, and has since presented chapters in a range of other contexts; each chapter physically revisiting sites of violence (physical/discursive, personal/public) directed at and experienced by socially, structurally, and economically marginalized bodies.

Previous chapters in the book:
Chapter Q: Dem Short-Short-Falls (Bijlmerramp Monument, Amsterdam, 2017-2018)
Introduction Here…WE THE PEOPLE! (various towns and cities, South Africa, 2017-ongoing)
Chapter P: The-Not-Not-Educational-Spirits (E.O.T.O. Library, Berlin, 2017)
Chapter U : Me, looking at You, Looking at Me, Looking at You. (PAC Museum, Milan, 2017)
Chapter Y: Is Survival Not Archival? (South African National Gallery, Cape Town, 2017)
Chapter L: When Rain Clouds Gathered.. (Cape Town Art Fair Talks, Cape Town, 2017)
Chapter X: A mouthful of Hot Air (When we re-blackened our faces and turned) (New Gate, Jerusalem, 2016)
Chapter F: The Free School for Art and all ‘Fings necessary (South Africa, 2016-ongoing)
Chapter B: I, Too (SP Biennale Pavilion, Sao Paulo, 2016)
Chapter A: The Anatomy of History (Museo Afro Brazil, Sao Paulo, 2016)
Chapter C: The Genealogy of Pain (Cemitério da Consolação, Sao Paulo, 2016)
TO BE ANNOUNCED.. (Nothing Gets Organised, Johannesburg, 2016)
TO BE ANNOUNCED (nGbK, Berlin, 2015)

Throughout her residency, Kukama will revisit  “memories of memories” by extracting moments from previous chapters of the book, which will be presented together for the first time. As an experimental History book-cover, We the Not-Not People! is an invitation to imagine history as a collage of memories that are personal, slippery, and at times opaque. Over time, Kukama will transform the Maitland Institute into a laboratory space to imagine and develop an aesthetic vocabulary as a series of echoes that speak in the future-past-present-tense.

Public programme:
Maitland Institute will be open to the public on select days in the run up to her perfomance , during which time Kukama will invite visitors to witness and interact with her work-in-process. Please follow social media for more details here.

16 September 2018 : Kukama will present the performance We the Not-Not People! -Things done, not told. Inscribed, not written., as part of the ICA Live Arts Festival Programme, at 15h00 at MAITLAND INSTITUTE.

16 September – 6 October: The residual installation will be on view at the Maitland Institute, which will be open on Saturdays from 11am – 1pm or by appointment:

14 August – 6 October 2018

Photograph from TO BE ANNOUNCED…,  Image by Abrie Fourie. NgBK Berlin.