Jared Ginsburg
Hanging Drawings

Opening Event 11 February 18h30-20h30

Open Friday 14 and Saturday 15 February

11 am – 1 pm

after which Jared Ginsburg will be available by appointment maitlandinstitute@gmail.com

Please follow social media for more details on further events during Jared Ginsburg’s residency in the space.

Maitland Institute invites you to engage with Hanging Drawings, an immersive installation by current artist in residence Jared Ginsburg.

Grounded in experimentation and recalling a Povera visual language, Ginsburg’s practice draws out latent possibilities in objects and materials. In pursuit of this, he creates rules, games and exercises that propel him into states of play, catalysing reactions from his materials. Incorporating these strategies, his works often refer to the principles of drawing and line making.

An ongoing series of sculptural drawings composed of bamboo, rubber and string, the Hanging Drawings began as an attempt to translate an ink drawing into three-dimensional space, and soon they became exercises in composition in and of themselves. Recently (in an attempt to solve a problem of storing eight individual pieces) the suspended drawings were hung together in a group on a rack against a wall. This chance layering of the drawings produced a moment wherein new compositional possibilities were realised, and the installation at Maitland Institute (literally) expands on that moment. The rack, now reinvented as two cables stretched across the space, supports eighteen Hanging Drawings that can be viewed, worked on, and re-ordered by the artist at will.

Over the course of his residency, Ginsburg will use the Maitland Institute interchangeably as studio, exhibition hall, and meeting place. Offering opportunities for engagement through informal discussions and demonstrations, the residency is intended as a discursive platform for the sharing of knowledge in response to, and towards the production of, the work generated in situ.

The space will be open to the public  Friday 14 February and Saturday 15 February 11am-1pm after which appointments can be arranged with Maitland Institute. Further events will be communicated on social media.